Research Programme

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Cawston Wildlife Conservancy accepts local university students on Wildlife Management Degrees for their one year internship. Students are expected to spend the first four months learning about each aspect of running and managing a wildlife area from the ground up. This can involve population assessments, setting trail cameras, animal welfare and data analysis, partaking in anti-poaching patrols, repairing roads, waterholes, fences, and working in the workshop and camp. Students then undertake a small project and during this time also take on responsibility for daily tasks according to their ability and interest.
In addition to our internship students we also accept external (foreign) university students wanting three months or longer experience on a wildlife property. Students will follow a similar pattern to our local students but in a condensed form. Unless a particular project is agreed on, research work will be aligned with the current research programs on Cawston.

CWE waterhole

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