Volunteer Programme

Make a difference and improve your knowledge while having a great time too!

We have a small Volunteer Program in place on Cawston. We particularly look for volunteers who wish to work with our many horses which are primarily used for horse safaris. Volunteers help to groom, care for and exercise these horses. Exercising involves your own mini safari every day when you take the horses out into the farm. Generally by the end of the first week you’ve seen all the antelope species!  Outrides are also important as anti-poaching measures and anything untoward seen is reported to the Game Scouts who investigate. Depending on your skills we may ask you to help train our Scouts to ride, train young horses, or ride out with the Scouts on an anti-poaching patrol.  So if you’re keen to work with horses and spend lots of time in the saddle, while having your own mini safari, then get in contact with us!

We also accept non-riding volunteers who work alongside our team in maintaining and developing the farm. Bear in mind this can mean some hard labour when you need to pull up a borehole to find out why it’s not working, or if we’re re-building or cleaning out a waterhole or fixing a road. But if you really want to know what goes on behind the scenes, this is for you.

Our volunteers have their own accommodation where food is provided and a main dish is cooked for you each night.  Food is fresh and unprocessed. We welcome all volunteers getting involved in various work aspects around the farm. If you’re interested we’re willing to teach you to drive a tractor or motorbike for example. If you want to sleep out at one of our waterholes or simply go camp one night, you’re welcome to.


Volunteer, improve your knowledge and make a difference!