Choose from a variety of fun and adventurous activities on offer to you.

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Wildlife Photography

We have a dozen waterholes with hides (blinds) at each. These hides set you up a maximum 25 metres from an animal. This makes for fantastic wildlife watching and photography. Each hide comfortably seats 4 individuals. We’ll provide you with drinks, snacks and a radio so you or your guide can call us when you would like to return to camp.
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Game Walks

Wildlife viewing from a different angle! With no buffalo, lion and very rarely elephant on our property, walks are a great way to see wildlife, grasses, plants, spoor and dung of different animals. And don’t forget the small critters! Walks can be just half an hour or all day with a stop for a picnic at one of our waterholes.
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Bird Watching

Over 220 bird species have been recorded here. See them at the camp, on a drive, walk or spending time in the waterhole blinds. Migratory birds also pass through. Download our current bird list here.
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Hyena & Leopard Tracking

Brown hyenas are a protected species in Zimbabwe and in recent years have increased in numbers dramatically. A shaggy shy animal, they are a rare creature to see although at our annual waterhole game counts, we’re seeing more and more of them every year. While you’re here we’ll show you their spoor and perhaps even visit the site of their latest den. Continual research on them means we’re tracking and recording them all the time. You can join us doing this research and see what and how we do it.
As a protected wildlife area, we have a high population of resident female leopards and their young. Mature males travel huge distances visiting many females and so pass through regularly. At certain times of the year, you can choose to sit at a waterhole at night for a viewing of these elusive and beautiful creatures.

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Green 'hunting' Aka paint balling!

Like paint balling? Want to try something different? We offer the opportunity to sit at our waterholes and wait for specific animals to come in that appear to require some assistance in removing ticks. Yup. We have paintballs filled with a dip that kills ticks on our wildlife! ‘Shoot’ an animal with a paintball and help it improve its health.
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Bush Survival Skills

Learn how to light a fire in the bush and what to use to put out a wild fire. Medicinal plants as well as self-preservation skills. Drive a 4×4!
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Game Drives - Day & Night

The ubiquitous game drive, but you can take it with a difference and go with a spot light at night to see what you can see.
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Bring your off road bike for some great cycling trips mostly utilising game paths.
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Camp overnight in one of our waterhole hides for some nocturnal game viewing. We’ll supply you with dinner, snacks, drinks and a continental breakfast. And of course a radio to reach us!
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4x4 Adventure Drivers

Doing the long-haul drive to Johannesburg from Victoria Falls? Don’t want to stay overnight in the city? Stop over with us and choose to camp at our lodge in your vehicle or stay in comfort and let someone else do the cooking, wash the dishes and make your bed!
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Horse Riding Safaris

New for 2017 is the addition of horse safaris outfitted by Ride Zimbabwe. You will find that it’s a whole new experience going out on horse back. Our wildlife is often quite curious as to who and what you are on horseback! The terrain you cover is that much further than if walking, and of course you’re up higher so have the benefit of being able to see quite a distance. Rides vary from 2hours to all day depending on client ability and desire.
Our horses are part of the family, loved and well cared for. There are 15 horses to choose from with more coming on line every month. Breeds include Boerperd – a hardy bush type, Shire cross, TB cross, and Percheron cross.
Heights range from 15hh to 16.3hh. We do not take riders weighing more than 100kg or 220lbs.
Our tack is of excellent quality and we have a range of saddles to fit different horses and cater for guests likes. English leather, Leon Liversage Trailmaster and Australian Stock saddles are available. Most of our horses ride in a snaffle bit.
Age limit is 12 years. Families with children below 12 years is by prior arrangement.

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